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The start of a new school year is an exciting event, especially for you as a Salem Spartan. You will be walking the halls of a School of Excellence, a tradition that you are challenged to continue.

As a member of Salem Middle School Bands, you have chosen to associate with some of the finest scholars, athletes, musicians, and student leaders in our school. Our expectations are high. Each Band member will be held accountable for his/her actions, attitudes and performances.

Students who are new to Salem Middle School may find things to be different from their former band or music class. In any case, mature behavior, personal commitment, and hard work are expected of all members of Salem Middle School Bands.

All students and their families are asked to read and become thoroughly familiar with the contents of this handbook in order to avoid any misunderstandings as we progress through the school year. This handbook contains policies and procedures that will be in effect for the entire school year. Parents, feel free to contact me anytime at school (919-363-2698 ext. 1 or bhinson@wcpss.net) with questions that you may have. We look forward to an exciting and prosperous school year.

Robert L. Hinson, Jr. Band Director



Band was a very special experience for me as a young person. Many of my friends were in band. A great deal of my time was spent involved in some aspect of the program. Band, like sports and other wholesome organizations, gave me a place to grow and succeed. It is my desire to create a band program at Salem Middle School that will have the same positive impact upon my students. The Salem Middle School Band Program is designed to:

  • Provide each student with a comprehensive music education, while teaching the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed as a young musician and as a young adult.
  • Benefit the school and community through public performances of quality music, while promoting and enhancing the dignity and reputation of Salem Middle School.
  • Foster the development of essential character traits to include a strong work ethic, personal integrity, a commitment to excellence, and respect for self and others.
  • Provide each student with a positive emotional outlet, a good social experience, and a worthy use of leisure time.


What I Expect

The policies and procedures outlined in this handbook are based on twelve basic expectations I have for each student. Band students are typically some of the finest young people in a school. As a Salem Middle School Band student, you are expected to be:

Disciplined. Understand the need for practice and make time for it on a daily basis. Punctual. Always be on time for class, rehearsals and performances.

Persistent. Understand that becoming a good musician is a process. It takes time. Work to improve on a daily basis.

Positive. Attitudes are contagious. Be sure yours is worth catching! Smile and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Honest. Admit your limitations and mistakes. Take full responsibility for your actions. Do not lie, cheat, or steal.

Responsible. You are young adults. Please do not wait to be told the obvious.

Well-Behaved. Follow instructions the first time they are given. Be quiet, attentive, and in control of yourself.

Prepared. Bring all materials to class, rehearsals, and performances.

Committed. Realize the impact that your actions, attitudes, and performances will have on the group. Think of the band first.

Polite. Talk to one another, teachers, parents, and administrators with kindness, respect, and courtesy.

Mature. Think before acting.

Proud. Remember who you are and where you are from. Take pride in yourself, your band, and your school.

Celebrate success together!


Daily Procedure

Band classes will begin each day with students arriving on time and prepared for class with their pencil, music, method book and instrument. Students are to be in their seats no later than one minute after the start time. We will warm up and tune together.

Students are to raise their hands during rehearsal for permission to leave their seat or speak. Do not raise your hand to ask a question once the director's hands are raised for playing. If you have a bathroom emergency, let me know, discreetly, and go. When class ends, the director will dismiss you. Students should return all instruments to their assigned storage areas. Students are to keep the band room clean and neat at all times. Trash containers are at the room entrances. Please be careful not to track dirt or mud into the room.

When a school instrument needs repair, the director must be notified immediately so that arrangements can be made to an approved repair shop. Anyone assigned a school-owned instrument must have a completed and signed Instrument Loan Agreement on file with the directors. Please find it on the reverse side of the Personal Property Waiver in the back of this handbook.


Behavior Consequences

Responsibility to the group is essential to the Salem Middle School Band program. An individual's behavior and performance have a major impact on the other members of the Band. Students are expected to exhibit their best behavior at all times. Occasionally, we have visitors in our classes and many people will see our concerts and festival performances. One incident of poor behavior can ruin the public's good impression of our band program and our school.

Consequences for behavioral infractions will be handled on an individual basis and are based on a continuum ranging in severity. The consequence(s) will depend on the severity and frequency. Steps in the continuum may be skipped based on severity. The Behavioral Consequence Continuum is as follows:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Temporary Placement in Time-Out
  • Conference with Student
  • Telephone Call Home
  • Parent Conference Administrative
  • Administrative Discipline Referral

Horseplay of any kind in the bandroom or instrument storage room will not be tolerated. These rooms are filled with instruments and equipment, which can easily be damaged. Most importantly, students can be seriously injured. Any such infraction will result in, at minimum, an immediate telephone call to parents.


Handbook p. 2





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